What is Camming?

Primarily camming is a way to talk to someone via webcam on the internet. But also the word camming is used to describe webcam modeling, the art of erotic adult entertainment via webcam. The job of a camgirl is to entertain people with live webcam shows. Camming is comparable to the show business. The difference is that a camgirl performs not on a stage or on television, but at home in front of the webcam and broadcast their own show on the internet. Well... actually camming is show business, only on a different stage. And everyone knows, big money will be made in show business! So camming is a way to make money with your webcam. Right from the comfort of your home! For all the pretty ladies who can deal with sexuality camming is a great opportunity to improve their salary significantly and a chance to live a better lifestyle.

How works camming?

Webcam shows are premium services and must be paid. The viewers spend up to $5 for one minute in private chat and the camgirl gets a share of it. This way, a good and popular webcam model can make over $200 with camming in just one hour of work. In principle webcam modeling is a fairly simple business:

The camgirls perform shows and make money. The viewers will be entertained and pay for it.

An Aspiring Industry

Camming is a fast rising business and camgirls are increasingly popular. Since 2011, more and more people searched the word camgirl. In the last three years the number of searches for camgirl has tripled and reached today in 2014 its highest level ever. Data source: Google Trends