Calculate Your Earnings

Before you accept a job you want to know how much cash you can earn with it. Even if many people say that they do their job not only because of the money, we all work to earn cash. So money is a big factor! That's quite normal. However it's hard to predict the income of a new camgirl exactly because it depends on many factors, which may be very different for each model. As a webcam model you will not get a fixed hourly wage but a percentage of what you are able sell. This guarantees you a high income and gives you full control over your earnings, but makes it also difficult to predict. Without any information about a camgirl we may disclose only general numbers. With camming you can make $800 to $50,000 a month, depending on your age, gender, working hours and performance. Also your look is a big factor.

Camming Income Calculator

$800 to $50,000 is a huge range and this information doesn't help you any further. Of course you're not happy with these overall numbers. We know that! Therefore, we're proud to offer you this camgirl income calculator, which allows us to predict your individual earnings much more accurate. Not absolutely exact and still with a margin, but enough to give you an idea of how high your potential income as camgirl can be.

This calculator takes into account the biggest factors that are affecting your camgirl income, which are:

  • Your Age
  • Your Gender
  • Your Working Time

With this information we can estimate your future income as a webcam model much more accurately. Simply select the appropriate values ​​for you and click on CALCULATE. We compare these values ​​with our models and can tell you this way how high your salary can be.

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